Warm and Toasty in the Alpine snow in a Kimberley off-road caravan

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Have you stayed in a winter wonderland in a caravan? Here is what these Kimberley Kruiser customers have to say while camping down in the snowy mountains:

"So Cozy and Snug. Just loving the bed in the cocoon. Having best sleeps ever. We don't hear any noise going on outside, the diesel heater is gold and very happy with our porch (Annexe). we have a good floor in it and it gives us warm and dry space for hanging ski clothes, drying equipment and changing shoes to keep Kruiser uncluttered and clean. the electric blanket is an enhancement to turn on to 1 setting at 4am when the temperature drops below -4' C. we have only had one morning when temp went -7'C that we couldn't get the diesel and water through the lines. We just turned the pumps off and waited till the day thawed before turning on with no issues."

Ice up windows in alpine with Kimberley Kruiser off road caravan Kimberley Kruiser in Alpine snow off road caravan Kimberley Kruiser off road caravan in Alpine snow Kruiser and Annex in alpine off road conditions  

What is so special about the Kimberley Kruiser that makes it so comfortable:

  1. The Fibreglass shell has so much better insulation than aluminium cladding
  2. The upper "tropical" roof gives excellent added insulation to the roof and prevents snow accumulation directly on the body of the Kruiser
  3. The cast polyethylene floor has excellent insulation properties and is so durable with moisture. Compare this to timber flooring which absorbs moisture no matter how it is coated.
  4. The dual layer windows have added insulation.
  5. There is an additional 20mm of high density styrofoam in the wall sections
  6. The white predominant colour does not radite heat (nor does it absorb in in the desert!). This is the perfect dominant colour!

For warmth inside there is:
  1. Temperature controlled Diesel air heater, ducted into the kick board under the kitchen cabinets.
  2. Membrane heater under the Queen size inner spring mattress which drives out any moisture build up.
For Safety:
  1. There is NO LPG inside! So you can seal this unit up and run the diesel cooktop and the air heater without any concern of carbon dioxide or monoxide buildup.
For inside cooking:
  1. There is a ceramic cook top with capacity for large and medium pots. This is powered by diesel.
  2. There is a conventional electric oven
  3. There is a microwave (in combination with the oven)
Washing and Drying:
  1. This model has a front loading washing machine as standard. It can use re-claimed water from the shower for the first stage of washing or for the rinse too!
  2. There is also as standard a "drying chalet" which blows heat recovered from the hot water system over your washed clothes or your shower towel to dry these out!
For outside "space":
  1. The Awning and Annex is made from lightweight Australian designed canvas that is 1200 threads per inch. This is nearly double the density of most canvas awnings and therefore offers better insulation than most.
  2. There is a large 15mJ burner cooktop and a Weber Baby Q BBQ as standard.
For Entertainment:
  1. Just dial up your favourite shows on Foxtel or the vast Satellite system and sit back and enjoy the quietness!
For the environment:
  1. The diesel units are significantly more efficient to operate than LPG devices. The 12 litre on board diesel tank will typically last 3 months. That is about $20 worth of diesel.Compare this to the hundreds of dollars required for the multiple LPG refills. Gas is not as efficient as most of the heat goes up into the air!
Want more information:
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