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Another off-road caravan for NT residents: Kimberley Kruiser

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Northern Territory residents collect Kimberley Kruiser off road caravanOne of the pleasures at Kimberley is meeting people that are "well connected with Nature and Australia". The Blackwoods with their new off-road caravan, a Kimberley Kruiser Black Caviar, are one such couple with a travelling and working history accross Queensland and Northern Territory. Andrea is a special needs teacher and Patrick works with community health and other organizations. They curently live near Wadeye, Northern Territory.

They are also well experienced with off-road camper trailers and off-road caravans having owned 2 camper trailers, 2 caravans and a motor home. They have settled for a new Toyota 79 Series and a Kimberley Kruiser for their off road travels in the future.

Andrea's key compliment to Kimberley is the quality and comfort of the seating. Patrick felt the re-sale value is strong with such a quality brand reputation.

It was very interesting to hear of the challenges they face where they live. When asked for their advice to people travelling into western NT, their reply was to keep an open mind as you may leave with a different view from the one you first had.

Of course, always travel with traditional owner approval where needed.

The photo show Andrea holding a traditional "x-ray" painting given to her as a gift from the community where she previously taught. "I have been adopted by local families and it is a great pleasure to hear "Nanna" called out accross the street at times and seeing a beaming face welcoming you!"

Wadeye (also known as Port Keats) is a remote aboriginal community situated 420km south-west of Darwin. Wadeye is the 6th most populated town in the Northern Territory and the largest Indigenous community.

map of NT with WadeyeWadeye is only accessible by road during the dry season and is the central ‘hub’ for many outstations around the area. Once you leave Wadeye township you are on Aboriginal Land and need permission from the Traditional Owners of the land you intend on visiting / passing through next. The traditional owners of Wadeye are the Kardu Dimmin mob and there are twenty different clan estates within the area. There are five languages and four different dialects spoken in Wadeye, with Murrinhpatha one of the most common.

Wadeye is very gender segmented and an individual needs to be aware of this when working or visiting the community.

Communtiy members in Wadeye are passionate about football and sports in general.

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