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One-Piece Door for off road caravan with Midge proof Magnetic screen

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You will love the new one-piece door for the Kimberley Kruiser off road caravan!
The entrance door was originally designed as a two-piece barn door with the upper half hingeing upward for weather protection. Whilst this worked well, you will find the one-piece door far easier to unlock, open and secure.

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Once you are inside the Kruiser you can pull the door closed easily with the sturdy large door handle. Then flip the large red latch lock and you are safe and secure inside.

Exiting this off road caravan is just as easy. Just flip the large red latch lock, slide the handle and push open the door. 

Features of the One-Piece door include:

  • One-piece monocoque fibreglass construction for light weight and attractive surface finishes 
  • Uninterrupted automotive-quality seal the whole way around for superior dust and moisture sealing
  • Sturdy door handle with separate locking latch and dead-bolt
  • Square-drive latch for sealing security when travelling
  • Keyless lock the door from inside 
  • Heavy duty smooth-pivot hinges


With this one-peice door we've also taken the opportunity to improve the performance of the Integrated Awning. This new awning features our own attractive curved spreader bars which allow the door to open easily wide enough for access to the Kruiser and provide for optimum fall for water shedding.

kimberley kruiser off road caravan awning






Kimberley Kruiser Midge proof magnetic screen doorIntegrated inside the one piece door is a magnet "pull apart" vertically sliding Midge screen door.

This door was especially made for Kimberley as the off the shelf "caravan" insect screen doors are only mosquito proof. A Midge screen door has an aperture size of 0.6mm x 0.6mm and presents a shade factor of 64%.

Mosquito mesh has an aperture size of 1.0mm x 0.9mm and presents a shade factor of 58%. 

The Photo on the right shows the screen door fitted to the original configuration of a 2 piece door which is now super-ceded. 


If you would like to know more about the design that goes into a Kimberley Kruiser off-road caravan and develop a list of your own requirements, download the following eBook below:

Essential Guide for Off Road Design of a Caravan to Experience all of Australia

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