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Export of Kimberley off-road caravans to UAE

Export shipment of off-road caravans and camper trailers to UAE

Export shipment of off-road caravans and camper trailers to UAE

At the recent Brisbane Caravan and Camping Show, Kimberley received an overseas order for their products from Mr Alhashimi of Abu Dhabi who had travelled to the USA first and then to the Brisbane show to view all the available off-road caravans from manufacturers.

Mr Alhashimi said: “ Kimberley build the largest range of off-road caravans and camper trailers I have found in the world. They have a reputation for innovation and quality. Their products are recognized with the best in the world. I am buying two Kimberley products: The Platinum Kamper trailer and the Kimberley Kruiser T3 for travel to North Africa. The Kimberley Kruiser has to be the best off-road caravan I have seen in the world.”

Off-road caravan

Mr Loxton, Kimberley’s owner said: “There are still many caravans that sport crinkle cut aluminium sides, 1950’s drum brakes, inefficient gas fridges and minimal renewable energy. There are still far too many accidents from instability while towing and poor braking. With Kimberley, we want more Australians to be confident to travel off-road and do it safely with the best technology to experience ALL of Australia.”

The Kimberley Kruiser design is 100% Australian, it’s built in Ballina and exported to the world.

low drag for great fuel economy

low drag from great aerodynamics in off-road caravan

Unique features that off-road caravans have not seen before:

  • The lowest drag possible for an off-road caravan because of the smooth fibreglass sides, the nose cone shape and the concealed hatches and awnings. The result is less than 14 L/100Klms behind a V8 diesel at max legal speed.
  • The temperature inside the caravan is exceptionally comfortable because of the hard top tropical roof with under-side insulation. This is invaluable in both high temperature and snow conditions and is unique in the world.
  • The stability of towing the caravan at high speed is exceptional in any conditions because the independent airbag suspension can be lowered on the long haul highways and raised when off-road. Difficult cornering is a thing of the past with the anti sway bars. Travelling over corrugations can be done at speed because of the best off road suspension possible. The front A frame design allows you to do a 90 degree reverse on narrow tracks. And for the ultimate in convenience, add the optional auto-ride height controller and the driver can adjust the ride height of the caravan from a remote controller in the vehicle.
  • You have unbelievable stopping power with electronic activated hydraulic disc brakes and a unique all wheel brake balancing system. The parking brake is a single one-touch button to operate. You can park your off-road caravan on the side of a hill and walk away. There are NO levers to pull.
  • The sun provides the highest renewable energy system in an off-road caravan with up to 720W of solar. And if it disappears for a few days you have a whopping 480Ah of Lithium battery capacity. That’s the equivalent of over 1,000 Ahrs in the older AGM systems.
  • If you can work a smartphone, you can work the Smart Touch colour display. This shows not only the energy information but also the fresh water and grey water tank capacity of the caravan. It is easy to use with one finger touching the display and menu. No buttons to press and its all colour coded for an easy “traffic light system”.
  • Water can become scarce. So the Kruiser has a smart reclaimed water system that allows shower water to be used for the onboard front loading washing machine. This reduces the water tank size needed in an off-road caravan. There is an on-board patented system to lift up to 4m from a stream or billabong for endless hot water.
  • There is one department we can be fussy about and to suit a variety of needs there is a choice of 3 toilet systems. This includes the new composting toilet that is good for 80 uses and is 100% environmentally friendly. The carried weight per use is one fiftieth of the carried weight for the older style maceration toilet which we do not offer because of the high weight.

With on board advanced communications including satellite for TV and a high gain antennae for data , you can stay in touch at night while enjoying the best of Australia by day.

Whether you are a morning person catching the early rays with a sharp coffee and toast or a night owl sipping wine by the campfire coals, this Kimberley Kruiser is the best off-road caravan to experience ALL of Australia.

To see for yourself, find a dealer to drop in and see here.

Cut away view of Kimberley Kruiser

Cut away view of Kimberley Kruiser