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A guide to Transporting Bicycles with an Offroad Caravan

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Bicycles are a great way to explore your favourite remote Australian camping destinations. But transporting bicycles with an offroad caravan creates a unique set of challenges that require some creative thinking. Before you chose how to do it,  you need to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods available to you.

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Consider how often you will be riding your bicycles.
Do you plan to ride your bicycles every time you set up camp? Or, will you use them less frequently? Knowing this helps choose where you would like to transport them on your offroad caravan. You may grow tired of removing the bicycles every time you make camp if you are only staying overnight.  

Hang the bicycles on the rear
Bicycle carriers are available that hang the bicycles out the rear of the caravan. These can either be traditional-style towball hitch mounted or specialised units that use straps to secure the carrier to the rear. These may be fine on-road but they are not likely to cope when the (offroad) going gets tough - when the corrugations feel like they will shake teeth out of your head!  Any rear mounted bicycle carriers on an offroad caravan may have these disadvantages:

  • some may require a heavy-duty hitch receiver  - the chassis components required may interfere with departure angle
  • having the bikes hanging down may also have a negative effect on departure angle - might drag the bikes and damage them
  • you may need a light board and 'bicycle carrier' number plate
  • bikes require ropes/tie downs to secure which may cause rubbing damage to the frames with vibrations PLUS they can take a while to attach
  • carriers where the bicycles are 'hung' may not always suit modern 'curvy' frames and mountain bikes with dual suspension
  • you can't see the bikes easily when you are towing - you won't know if they come loose until you stop

Mount the bicycles on the A-Frame Drawbar
Bicycle carriers are available that transport the bikes on the A-Frame Drawbar. This is a better position to mount bicycles for security, easy access, good visibility and a smoother ride. You'll need to make sure that the design you find is easy to use, has plenty of clearance from the caravan and doesn't require the bikes to be removed when camping. The Kimberley Kruiser off-road caravan is available with an Australian-made custom-fit bicycle carrier mounted to the drawbar. The clever design has these desirable features:

  • quick to mount bikes  - no major straps or tie downs are needed to secure the bicycles
  • fully-loaded carrier can be swung forward for access to the front Multibox storage box
  • made from heavy-duty RHS steel & tested in the Australian bush

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