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SmartRV™: 2 way caravan internet

A caravan internet connection from your computer inside your RV has been around for a while.Smart-RV caravan internet
Now Kimberley has made a significant step forward in connecting your RV without you and your computer to the internet. So the actual caravan or camper trailer itself is connected.

It can send to you or anyone you specify an automated response & remote reporting. This makes for a SmartRV. Your Kimberley unit will communicate automatically based on your setup. It can be contacted and its position (and video views) sent to you or your friends and family remotely

Smart RV summary od caravan internetThis means any model in Kimberley’s camper trailer or off-road caravan range can be equipped to give you peace of mind when you are at home* or on the road* with the SmartRV Pak.

Kimberley models with caravan internet
Smart RV: caravan internet connection in storage

Where-ever you store* your RV, once you set the key-switch to “secure’, if the RV is moved, the Kimberley system will send an SMS to up to 3 mobile phone numbers letting you know. If your Kimberley has been taken by the time you spring into action, you or the authorities can then track* where the unit is, and hopefully catch them red-handed!

At extra cost, you can add security sensors to identify if the unit has been broken into as well. You can even add a vandal-proof exterior video surveillance that integrates right in with the system. We don’t supply the security system at Kimberley but we do provide the secure interface for a system. And of course this all operates with the on-board battery system.

Smart RV: caravan internet connection on the road

Lets say you have a damaged tyre. You have used the spare and it was your only one. Getting on the phone and ringing around in the middle of no-where to locate that replacement can be a pain. Do you double back or go to one of 3 towns to pick up and fit a new spare? Sending one command to our system** from any smartphone (must be yours) will send* to Kimberley where you are and that you need price and availability of a spare tyre. We will text you back, confirm your details and then we will do the running around for you to locate and price a spare. Often a text will get through but a voice call may not. Let alone getting on the web at all hours in the bush!

Lets say it is more than a damaged tyre and you need serious help. You can set up to 3 numbers for urgent help in the system and by turning a switch, the system will send* a message to all of the 3 numbers advising difficulty and asking for help. You setup a unique message before you start on your tip using your smartphone. No computer is needed, just a smart phone.

Smart RV: caravan internet connection while camping

Lets say your family or friends want to track where you are as you leave for your trip. This is so easy with the Kimberley SmartRV Pak. Give the data number of your system to your friends and they can SMS your Kimberley* and see where you are on a Google Map. You will need to load the phone numbers into the system that you allow to do this. For security, only numbers pre-loaded from your smartphone are able to track you.

What you will need:

  • A 2016 Model Kimberley Kamper, Karavan, or Kruiser.
    (Retrofit for older models from 2011 on will be available from April 2016.
    Will need minimum solar and battery specs, no private modification.)
  • Smartphone (Android, Apple, Microsoft).
  • SIM data only card and 2G, 3G or 4G service.
  • Kimberley 4G + GPS + Antenna Data Pak (must be purchased from Kimberley).
  • Kimberley SmartRV Pak (must be purchased and fitted by Kimberley).
  • *An available 2G, 3G or 4G service through the 5dBi Kimberley antenna.
  • Tyre location service attracts a service fee from Kimberley on as “as required basis”.
  • ** You have loaded wheel and tyre specs into the system with your smartphone prior to trip.
  • ** You have loaded wheel and tyre specs into the system with your smartphone prior to trip.

See a Kimberley dealer to understand more…