Luxury Yacht quality Interior for off-road caravans

hight-light interiors for off-road caravans

Luxury yacht quality interiors for off-road caravans lift the bar on finishes

The inspiration for the Kimberley Kruiser design of the wide windows and open view comes from the luxury yachts of Europe. Their modern design was to bring the “outside in” and see the beautiful ocean views while sitting inside. The same applies for off-road caravans looking out at the wide views.


Sunset and a stylish interior of a luxury motor yacht

Sunset is a special time on yachts and just the same when camping. For most people it is the pinnacle of the day’s travels and a time to relax and enjoy.  It may come as no surprise then to know that Kimberley have released a ceiling and interiors option for their off-road caravans based on the sunset interiors of motor yachts, at a fraction of the price. Judge for yourself and compare the multi-million dollar option in the image on the left with the one above.

The new interiors option for 2016 model Kimberley Kruisers includes:

  • The centre roof area is premium off-white,  lit by the side LED’s to reflect to the area below.
  • There are nearly 400 LED’s down the side in a recessed pelmet that give a luxury high-light roof feel
  • The overhead cupboards are covered in man made leather look material by the same manufacturer that the Australian leather seats come from and available in matching tones to the seats
  • The surrounding pelmet nicely finishes the roof edges as well as holding the recessed lighting.

Covered overhead cupboards and surrounding pelmet for the LED lighting

This change lifts the bar on interiors for off-road caravans.

The Kimberley Kruiser has these unique features to lift the bar on the off-road caravan market from the American krinkle-cut aluminium to the new world of fibreglass, open windows and superb interiors. This option is available on their new 2016 Model range.

  • Super light weight for an off-road caravan with 21ft of inside space and a tare of 2600kgs
  • Independent suspension with power activated disc brakes, air bags and anti-sway bar that is just the lightest in the industry and the absolute best in suspension design.
  • A Hybrid chassis of hot dipped galvanised steel and alloy components fastened with aircraft grade 2 piece rivets to give a flexible yet strong chassis with a 5 year warranty transferable to subsequent buyers.
  • Line of windows that totally open for views and breeze down both sides
  • Tropical hard top roof that gives 40% better insulation to heat and cold
  • Standard air suspension with optional “auto-ride height” control to get exact towing level
  • Up to 720W of Super-light solar that weighs less than 18kgs, a fraction of the glass panel bulk and weight
  • Up to 720 Amp hours of Lithium batteries that also weigh less than 90 kgs and are the equivalent to 1400 Amp hours of AGM batteries
  • Split Airconditioning that not only reduces the noise but means you can run it from 12V for a limited time.
  • Reclaimed water from the shower that can be used in the washing machine and or toilet
off-road caravan luxury interiors and LED lit roof

off-road caravan luxury interiors and LED lit roof

The Kimberley Kruiser is available in a single axle sub 2500kg capacity limit off-road caravan or the larger tandem axle T class off-road caravan.

The high-light interiors option will be available to see at the the upcoming Brisbane Caravan and Camping Show in June 2015.

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  1. David

    Well done Kimberly for taking leadership on the evolution of caravanning in Australia. I’m very close to placing an order just cant decide if I do the S ot T class.

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