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kruiser offroad caravan owners Rupp 3732eOne of the best parts of working with Kimberley is meeting you, our customers. You always have some great stories to tell but it is your sense of adventure that really grabs me. Meet David And Helen who are living out of their Kruiser 6 months of the year and spending the other 6 months Overlanding through places like China and Turkey! 

This adventurous couple recently visited the Kimberley factory in Ballina after completing a shake-down trip touring in Tasmania. I got the chance to interview them about their experience and discover what they love so much about offroad travel.

David and Helen first began their serious offroad travelling with a Kimberley Karavan lightweight offroad caravan some 2 years ago. They enjoy remote desert travel and over time they fell in love with the compact size, easy towing and remote camping energy features of the Kimberley Karavan.

So when it came time to upgrade they wanted to keep the features they loved about the Karavan but add a little more space and comfort. Their Kruiser offroad caravan provides a super quick set up time, ample storage space and gives them the space to stretch out after along day on the road. And of course, the water-saving built-in washing machine doesn't hurt either!
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One of the initial features that won these two over to the Kruiser was the feeling of an open and spacious interior. The full-length panoramic windows, overhead cupboards and bench-height appliances is a signature feature of the Kruiser interior design. Helen particulary loves the feeling of being outside, inside. Just open up the windows and enjoy the view whilst reclining in leather-upholstered cafe seating.
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Helen has a keen eye for style and decorating and loves the modern apartment decor feeling of the Kruiser. She was able to customise the interior to get it just the way she wanted it because every Kruiser can be ordered with a modern selection of bench top colours, soft linings, furniture colour and seating finishes.

After their shake-down trip through Tasmania they have also discovered another great feature of the Kruiser - the built-in diesel-powered air heater! Combined with great insulation this compact unit keeps them toasty warm when the temperature outside plummets.

We wish these two many happy years travelling and living in their Kimberley Kruiser. Keep and eye out for them on the roads of south western QLD as they head for Boulia this winter - then onwards for a 4WD-only crossing of The Simpson Desert.

If you are like David and Helen and hate staying in caravan parks, then read our eBook on Caravan Energy, register and download a copy here. 

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| Cameron Johnston - July 2014 |


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  1. khalid

    can i order this compact caravan to my country dubai, united arab emirates, and how much is the cost any more details would be appreciated

  2. Bruce Loxton

    Yes we export to the Middle East including Dubai and Saudi Arabia where we have several Kimberley off road camper trailers. The Kimberley Karavan fits perfectly in a 20Ft container. We will send you a separate email. Thank you.

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