Off-road Soul, Independent Spirit: A Design Guide to Sustainability with off-road caravans

Designing for off-road travel to out-of-the-way places is more than an art…it is the structured science of getting so much functionality for so little weight and making it compact and durable.

Then add to that the importance of sustainability. Good design can yield the absolute lowest running cost that inevitably comes from sustainable technologies. It just makes good business sense!

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That’s great, but the price of some of these technologies may be high. Is it worth it?

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Table of contents for the 27 pages is:

  1. The Top Ranked Priorities for Sustainability
  2. Summary of eco-friendly power sources for a Camper Trailer or Caravan
  3. Reduce Vehicle Fuel Consumption when Towing
  4. Maximise air-flow for ventilation
  5. Reduce need for Portable Generators
  6. Consider 12V Air-conditioning for Bedroom Suite
  7. The Impact of Noise
  8. Using a Fuel Cell
  9. Reduce need for LPG
  10. Using Diesel Hot Water instead of LPG
  11. Reduce Absorbtion of Suns Heat Energy
  12. Using LED Lighting
  13. Using Bio-Diesel
  14. Using Membrane Heating
  15. Leave no footprints on Montague Island – a Special Project!
  16. Australian World Heritage Sites
  17. Carbon offset process planting trees

With sustainable technologies you can stay anywhere and experience all of Australia. When (not “if”), you find your favourite spot, you can stay as long as you like. Its your choice and not dependent on facilities.