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Family size lightweight off-road caravan


Families need space, especially when the kids are teenagers. A family size off-road caravan needs not only permanent comfortable beds but also a bathroom big enough to boot.

Experienced travellers want to travel anywhere with the family. The most manoeuvrable true off-road caravans are a single axle design. To get a single axle requires lightweight construction and air suspension.  To accomodate a family in a single axle off-road caravan without compromise in bathroom or dining size requires a truly lightweight off-road caravan.

You can now sleep 2 additional people in a permanently set up sleeping Vee berth in any Kimberley Kruiser. The size of each berth is : 2000mm x 685mm for one and 1800mm x 616mm for the other.

You can add up to 2 more people in the dining seat conversion to Bunks. This gives a total of sleeping positions for 6 people inside.

Even better is the island Super queen size bed is 2000mm x 1600mm and is positioned so that centre headroom and the outlook from the bed is virtually unimpeded. This clever design comes from an architect Mum of 2 teenagers; her son is very tall. Tight bunk beds or a dining conversion every night was not acceptable.

The Kimberley Kruiser Range has a single axle models of the E Class at 6m, then S Class at 6.4m.

The tandem model is a 7.3m off road caravan.

The image below shows the Vee Berth Bed dimensions in the smallest model, the E Class with an electric island Super Queen size bed below.

This electric island Super Queen size bed is a couch by day and electrically deploys to a bed by night. The bed pushes up into the nose and can more or less stay made up. The pillows will roll to the centre when in the “couch mode”. See the video clip below for the electric operation.

In the S Class and T Class Kruisers, the island bed is permanently made up and fixed in position.

Family Size Off-road caravan bed dimensions

Easy sleeping berths for teenagers

Electric Island Bed Operation in 6m E Class

The operation uses linear 12v actuators built into the bed frame.

View looking up from Super Queen Bed

The 2 upper Vee berths can been seen on either side at the top left and right showing the curved rolled tubing and elegant frame design.

View from Queen bed up through Vee Berth

3 D View in S Class Kruiser except ladder position is against the wall for side access


The side profile shows the position of the inner Vee open void above the head position of the lower Queen bed. (cross-section is not “striped”). The Fee berth works well in the Kruiser because it makes clever use of the nose cone shape.

There is a super-quiet fan hatch above the centre of the void to extract hot air from the bedroom area which will have up to 4 sleeping people.

Vee Berth Elevation view

Family size off-road caravan toilet capacity is huge

Finally, travelling with a family requires a comfortable bathroom.

The waterless toilet in the Kruiser range will handle 80 uses and this means 2 weeks between disposal for a family of 4. It will accept the usual problems with kids without any difficulty: tummy bugs and vomit.

The shower has a seat inside for mothers with really young children. The curved glass shower door makes it easy for kids and mothers to go in and out. Unlike most caravans, the ensuite is full width with a separate sliding privacy door. One person can be in the shower while another is on the toilet and a third brushing teeth… yes family life.

Video below is of the E Class offload caravan which has a tare weight less than 2 tonne and is 6m in length. It has a full width ensuite.