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Mitsubishi Triton test with the best off road caravan


Test report on kimberley kruiser off-road caravan with mitsubishi triton 2015 model

Australian Caravan and RV Magazine writer Brendan Batty takes the new Mitsubishi Triton and the best off road caravan: Kimberley Kruiser S Class for a test drive overnight.

The new fifth-generation Mitsubishi Triton, developed as the “ultimate sport utility truck” is teamed up with the best off road caravan for a test trip. The new Triton has more space and comfort than before. It also comes with a new 2.4-litre turbo-diesel engine with 133kW of power and 430Nm or torque.

The towing capacity of the new Triton is 3100kgs with a downball weight limit of 310kgs. However, the Triton has a GVM of only 2900kgs. The guide from Kimberley is to limit the towing  mass to 80% of this for the best towing stability with an off road caravan. If you want to read more: go to either towing stability in best off road caravan, or check out this eBook.

Exceptional Towing

These numbers work exceptionally well with the new Kimberley Kruiser S Class off road caravan. The S 2 model shown in the review has an ATM of 2500kgs with a maximum of 250kgs on the tow ball. That means the Triton is towing a GVM of 2250kgs (the Kruiser S axle weight). This is 77% of the Triton’s GVM and positions the combination as a perfect match. This is backed up by the test report: “On the road, the van tows exceptionally well. Not only does the air suspension soak up the bumps well, but it also buffers the van well in strong cross winds (70 km/hr on our drive).” This is one reason why the writer lists it as the “best off road caravan“.

In addition to the excellent air suspension, the other reason the van tows well is because of the careful aerodynamic design. The shape of the front nose is specifically designed to match the air lift from the roof height of most medium sized 4WDs. This “wedge and bullet” shaped front nose gives excellent stability is high cross winds and when passing road trains.

Aerodynamic shapes gives added Range

low drag for great fuel economy in off road caravan

low drag from great aerodynamics in both the single axle S class, and the larger T class off road caravan shown here

There is a limitation with most Utes and that is the standard fuel tank size. The Triton has only 75 litres as standard. It is important therefore, to tow an off road caravan that gives the lowest fuel consumption so you can get the maximum range.


Kimberley Kruiser S Class behind Toyota Prado

In customer feedback, the Kruiser range has on average achieved at 20-25% plus reduction in fuel used compared to the conventional crinkle-cut aluminium vans that are flat fronted and don’t have tapered sides to a narrower roof. A 20% reduction in the fuel used would give an extra 150km range for this vehicle when towing. That is a huge off road advantage. See the range comparison here.

Luxury Kruise Ship

The article is titled “Luxury Kruiser Ship” with the byline “The Kruiser S is both high tech and opulent but, best of all, it can go almost anywhere off-road you want to take it.”

hight-light interiors for off-road caravans

hight-light interiors for off-road caravans lift the bar on luxury

The Triton will offer car-like levels of passenger comfort and improvements in its function and reliability because it retains the familiar body-on-frame chassis. The Kruiser S Class is the same. It has a hybrid hot dipped galvanised chassis with an alloy subframe that is 2 piece riveted to the chassis for lightweight strength and yet flexibility similar to an aircraft. The moulded fibreglass cabin body has complex shapes in the front and rear as this allows the lowest weight with the greatest  strength. Kimberley believe that if you flipped this on its side in an off road manoeuvre, it could be righted and driven away on the spot. Not that everyone wants to be doing cartwheels in a luxury van but it is a testament to the off road caravan’s strength.

Forefront of Caravan Technology

The review writer opens the article with” If there is a more sophisticated off-road caravan built anywhere in the world, I’d be very surprised. The Kimberley Kamper brand has been at the forefront of camper trailer and caravan technology; first innovating the camper trailer and then transforming off road caravans utilising advanced technology . The Toyota Prado friendly, single axle Kruiser S Class is the pinnacle of that development” It is the best off road caravan.

Rear the review of the best off road caravan

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