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Perfect Hitch Height: Land Rover Disco and Kimberley Off-road Caravan

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Kimberley Kruiser off road caravanVincent and Marie picking up their new Kimberley Kruiser T3 with their Landrover discovery. One of the requirements Vincent had was matching the hitch height on the Landrover Discovery. Landrover originally set their hitch height quite low and there is frequent criticism of this. In a discussion we had with Land Rover design engineers in England, we learned that they did this on purpose and by design to get the hitch point as low as possible for towing stability with trailers and caravans.

Customers frequently change out the standard Land Rover product with an aftermarket product that lifts the hitch height. In doing so, it can foul rear door access as well as added a "christmas tree" effect on the rear of the vehicle.

Kimberley have an option on the Kimberley Kruiser of fitting the 3.5tonne rated Treg Hitch on the underside of the drawbar and A frame mounting point. This sets the height at around 470mm and it fits perfectly with the Land Rover Discovery and the stand hitch mount.offroad caravan landrover hitch height 3523 resized 600

This has the added benefit of better clearance for lowering the jockey wheel compared to the top mounting position. As you can see in the photo above, the safety chains are welded to the drawbar well back from the hitch and pass through cross guides to the vehicle. This complies with the Australian Design Standards. It also means the hitch point doesnt have to be "lifted up" like some other brands and can be directly inserted.

The lowest point here is still the Land Rover Discovery's rear hitch, NOT the Kimberley Kruiser drawbar or hitch point. In fact, the clearance here has increased.

This T3 Kimberley Kruiser has "auto ride height control" of the air suspension. This means one press of a button and the Kruiser's air suspension will be matched to the pre-set height of the vehicle. There are 3 pre-sets available and typical the middle is for country road travel. The high pre-set for off road, the low preset for high speed highway travel. The purpose of the latter is to get the profile as low as possible for reduced fuel consumption and added towing stability.

Auto ride height control for air suspension off road caravan

We have done a video on this feature here:

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If you havent read the eBook on Caravan Towing Stability, register and download a copy here. One of the important requirements for tandem caravans is to have a perfectly level hitch height to the vehicle and off road caravan. The setup for this Kimberley Kruiser achieves this!

eBook on Caravan towing stability

A final Photo of Vince with the hitch:

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