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Video tour of best full size off-road caravan: Kimberley Kruiser T3

kimberley off-road caravans blog header Kimberley Kruiser T3 off road caravan On Bridge with reflection behind resized 600As the sun sets on this 10,000 Km roadshow and test trek, we end with a full feature video tour of the T3. Here is what we have done on this tour to test the Kruiser:
  • travelled just under 10,000 klm without a problem at all road speeds
  • made water crossings to 600mm +
  • extracted a bogged Kruiser and Vehicle (6T) from rear recovery point on the Kruiser
  • travelled with height as low as possible with air-suspension set to +30mm
  • travelled with air suspension height full extended accross culverts
  • drove for 6-8 km with one side of the Kruiser's air suspension fully extended and the other side fully collapsed to give a 180mm height differential (leaning tower of Pisa)
  • kruiser caravan off road caravan dust cloud resized 600braked down the steep Adelaide Hills road into Adelaide on the Kruiser brakes alone
  • achieved an overall fuel consumption of only 15.1L/100ks
  • manouvered through the Sydney airport traffic with ease.
  • completed several U turns on one lane roads
  • travelled through dust, dust and dust with none inside (some on step)
  • overnight temperatures as low as zero
  • operated the 12V 2.2kW airconditioner for 6 hours straight
  • operated the ducted heating on both thermstat control and time of day timer
  • enjoyed the quiet of a super insulated cabin and remote mounted compressor
  • took temperature readings under tropical roof and inside Kruiser in full sun with better than calculated results from the extensive insulation
  • operated the AppleTV with a video from the iPad
  • used the on-board wifi and highspeed wireless hub to back up photographs taken
  • got up to 38A of solar power from the 720W of super thin solar on the roof
  • had only 5 "charging and discharging" cycles greater than 30% on the Lithium 480Ahr pack of batteries
  • had zero Lithium battery "deep discharges"
  • operated the Honda EU20 to charge the unit from the front Uni-pod without removing it.
  • kruiser caravan off road roadshow resized 600BOTH charged the batteries at 96Amps AND operated the 2.2kW air-conditioning system from the Honda at the same time. (started air-conditioner first, then the battery charger)
  • Used 200L of water from main tank and 55L from the second 120L tank.
  • operated the washing machine on reclaimed shower water
  • operated the drying chalet drying one towel in around 35 minutes
  • entertained up to 8 people inside, sitting and standing with comfort.
  • opened and closed the tri-folding cafe table with 2 fingers over 50 times
Now have a look at the Full Feature Video of the Kruiser T3. If you wait till the end of the video, you'll see the U turn on a single land country road in lass than a minute!
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