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The Perfect Lithium 480 Ahr Battery Kube for Off-Road Caravans

kimberley off-road caravans blog header off road caravan lithium batteries 480 ahrThis Perfect Lithium Battery Kube is 480 Ahr of Lithium Batteries. It is fitted with an Aluminium bus bar system that is rated at 300 Amps. It weighs only 60 kgs and measures only 500 mm by 350 mm. This is the future for battery power and is standard in the new Kimberley Kruiser T3 off-road caravan. Charging these batteries are dual MPPT solar chargers giving a total maximum charge capacity of 50 Amps from 720W of Super Thin Solar on top of the tropical roof. This does allow for some inefficiency from the angle of the sun on the roof. In a full day of good sun, the solar will replenish 200-250 amp hours of the battery capacity. That's not bad. Why would you need this capacity in an off-road caravan? If you are staying in some of the 500+ National Parks, there are restrictions on use of generators. So you can stay as long as permitted with this capacity and not run a generator. If you love your air-conditioning, then there is a huge benefit. The T3 can operate a 2.2kW Split air-conditioning system from the batteries. When running continuously, it is drawing 80 Amps at 12V. However, the compressor will cycle on and off depending on the outside temperature and the heat loss inside. With the incredible multi-layer insulation in the roof of the T3, we expect about 50% duty cycling at night time. This translates to 40 Amp hours per hour. So you can get about 6-7 hours operation from the batteries. However, it is not the battery size that limits capacity for the air-conditioning, it is the amount of solar charging capacity that determines the sustainable capacity every day. This is why at least 720W capacity is needed to recharge the batteries every day. The 720W of solar panels are only 1.7mm thick mono-crystalline solar panels on an aluminium backing which in turn is bonded to the tropical roof. They weigh only 21 kgs. off road caravan lithium batteries 480 ahr side viewTo operate the air-conditioner at night without a generator, you will want it to run as quietly as possible. So we mount the the air-conditioning compressor in the front storage pod, independent to the Kruiser body to reduce noise and vibration. The major difficulty with 12V air-conditioning systems is the surge of power needed on startup, particularly when the compressor is hot. We found there were spikes of 300A momentarily. The quality of the Batteries’ bus bar is therefore critical so the design was important. Around the outside of the batteries is the negative bus. Whilst wrapped in double insulation layers, it still shields the batteries, In the centre is the positive bus system. This is short and sweet and also double wrapped. The cables going to the inverter are rated at 300A instantaneous. The run is less than 500mm. Our test meter cant record any differential resistance at each of the batteries from the junction point. Charging this Kube is also fast. The battery charger in the T3 has 120Amp capacity. So if you are running a generator, it will replenish 250 Amp hours in around two and a half hours from a Honda EU20. If you are driving during the day, the solar and the vehicle charging system will charge simultaneously putting in up to 70 AHrs per hour combined. amazing lithium batteries for off road camper trailersThese Lithium Batteries have their own battery controller built into each battery. Our policy is NOT to supply batteries that require a BMU (Battery Management Unit). The BMU is a single point of failure and may require re-calibrating in some maintenance scenarios. This is not practical for off road caravans. To read more on our batteries, download the eBook below. Kimberley have shipped camper trailers and caravans containing over 1,000 Lithium Batteries in the last 2 years. This has provided great field experience in the best charging systems. Finally, there is no point installing a great battery and charging system if you have no protection on the 240V input power. The quality of power in remote sites is questionable and if you are charging from a generator and it runs out of fuel, you can get a huge damaging power spike. To protect your investment all our off-road caravans come standard with a DIN rail mounted surge protection system. These are Australian made to Australian standards and protect against lightning strikes on the power system as well. If you want to know more about high performance energy systems see our free eBook here: A High Performance Energy System is measured by High Power, Low Weight.Using Super Thin Solar, Lithium Batteries, Fuel Cells, Integrated togetherDownload this eBook to see how we do the design!
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